Choosing a Rabbit Carrier

Making your rabbit travel cannot be improvised. This lagomorph must be ready to change its environment. It should only be transported in a cage specially designed for this purpose. Several models exist. We help you make your choice, while respecting your preferences.

You must adapt to the needs of your rabbit. The latter must have a specific cage for transport , whether by train, car, bus or plane. You must think above all about the comfort, well-being, and physical and psychological health of your protected.

Your Rabbit’s Transportation Needs

During his escapades with you outside his home, your rabbit first needs to feel safe . Any feeling of insecurity will only increase its stress , and the animal may be vulnerable to disease . Thus, he must be able to observe his environment without having the impression of being in a position of vulnerability .

Your rabbit must also be physically safe , that is, safe from any shock that may occur. In addition, its transport cage (or bag) must be sufficiently ventilated to allow the air to be ventilated . It must be spacious enough to allow your lagomorph to move as it wishes, in complete safety.

Finally, if the trip is long , it is necessary to provide access to water and food directly in its cage. It must also have a bottom that can receive its urine , because there is no question of asking it to hold back .

The different cages for your rabbit

Rigid, flexible, canvas cage, there are a multitude of possibilities. All have advantages and disadvantages . Some are nevertheless more recommended than others, because they mainly meet the needs of your rabbit.

·         The rigid plastic transport cage

Prefer those usually made for cats than those for rodents , because it must be spacious . Those for smaller rodents are not enough. What’s more, its rigidity protects it from potential shocks. It is a cage to be preferred for travel by car or bus , as well as for long journeys . Indeed, it is possible to place inside a bottle of water, as well as food . A litter will complete the whole thing, allowing your rodent to do his business whenever he wants.

Consider taking a cage with wire mesh on top. This will allow you to monitor your rabbit more easily. The latter will also be able to look more easily at his environment . He will be more reassured. In addition, its maintenance remains easy and cleaning is done very well. Do not hesitate to put the price you need, so as not to buy a low-end cage.

These cages offer almost no inconvenience, except that they are not necessarily light . In addition, they do not protect your rabbit from the cold or bad weather . So, if you have to walk with the cage in your hand in rainy weather and in winter, your rabbit could catch a cold.

·         The canvas cages

Again, do not hesitate to choose a canvas cage intended for cats . They have the advantage of being spacious and comfortable for your rabbit. The advantage, compared to the rigid plastic cage, is its lightness and the ease with which you can transport your rabbit on foot .

In addition, this cage is well ventilated and the many vents allow your little companion to see his environment. Finally, this well-appointed cage with towels won’t cause your bunny to slip . It also washes very easily.

However, they are not necessarily suitable for road trips because they do not attach easily. They can also tear . Installing a water bottle is almost impossible.

These canvas cages can also have a wheeled “travel bag” appearance. This is practical if you have a fairly large rabbit (more than 5 kg) , and if you spend more time walking with it than driving it in the car. Again, these cages have the advantage of being spacious and well ventilated .

In addition, they are excellent protection against drafts and cold .

The backpack mode does not allow you to monitor your rabbit . However, it is preferred in case of rain, because the wheels do not insulate enough .

·         Pet dog bags

It ‘s ideal when the weather turns bad. These bags are often lined with fleece . Your rabbit won’t catch a cold inside. Still, your protege can flee as he sees fit, unless he gets used to wearing a harness to keep him inside and prevent any dramatic falls.

While they are practical, they are not necessarily recommended for your rabbit. Indeed, these bags remain too small for him. It is also not possible to put food or water on it . Thus, they are of no use for long trips . Your rabbit will also not be able to turn around as it sees fit and, as they are not rigid, they do not protect your rabbit against possible blows received.

never to be forgotten

Your rabbit’s transport cage must above all secure the animal inside. It must be able to be easily attached in a car, not be too bulky for you, but offer all the necessary comfort for your animal.

Aesthetics is not a given to be taken into account. You don’t adopt a rabbit to gracefully lug it outside.

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