Clean the rabbit cage

Keeping your rabbit in good health requires, above all, impeccable hygiene. Hygiene begins by bringing your rodent to a clean and healthy environment. In fact, it is advisable to clean its cage regularly and not to neglect any detail. We look together when, how and why your rabbit’s habitat should always be impeccably clean.

Keeping a rabbit in captivity is not just for watching it evolve before your eyes , frolicking inside your house and feeding it. Above all, it should be kept in good health and, in fact, allowed to evolve in a clean environment.

Wouldn’t it occur to you to live in a dilapidated house? It either. This is where you need to act.

Why clean his cage?

Your rabbit ‘s cage will naturally get dirty day after day. His accessories will become dirty and bacteria can grow . It is important, to limit the appearance of diseases , to offer decent conditions to your protege. By first partially replacing, then totally, its litter , you will limit bad smells , even if your rabbit remains a fairly clean animal.

He will not be able to do anything against the piling up of his excrement in the heart of his litter, but also against the humidity released by his urine . If left unchecked, this can cause irritation to his paws .

How to clean his cage?

There are several steps to follow in order to optimize the time and allow your rabbit to return to his place of life as quickly as possible.

  • Take your rabbit out of its cage. You must not clean it in his presence. Transport your rabbit to a safe place , away from other animals if you have them, in an enclosed area where he cannot escape. We advise you to place it in its transport cage if you do not have a spare cage.
  • Take out all the accessories from the cabin, whether it’s his bowl, his bottle (or drinking trough), but also his toys, his hiding place, his rack.
  • Throw his litter entirely in a garbage bag, although you will have taken care to change it partially, every 2 days or so. A weekly renewal can’t hurt. Also get rid of any spoiled food.
  • Pass the cage under water, then rub with soap and disinfect with a few drops of bleach or white vinegar diluted in water, provided this does not damage its cage.
  • Proceed in the same way for the accessories . Everything must be disinfected to remove any germs that may be present.
  • Rinse everything with water . It is important not to leave any detergent and/or disinfectant on the accessories, as well as on the bars of its cage.
  • Replace everything , starting with a new litter box . This is also an opportunity to make some changes in the layout of his cage, if you wish.
  • Take your rabbit back, take it out of its transport box and put it back in its traditional habitat.

At what pace?

If his litter needs to be changed partially every 2 days , you must carry out this major cleaning at least once a week . This shouldn’t take you more than half an hour in most cases.

You can take the opportunity to brush your rabbit , especially during its moult .

In summary

Cleaning your rabbit’s cage should be done weekly. You will have to take out all the accessories and throw out its litter to clean everything manually. Remember to disinfect his bowl as a priority, as well as his drinking trough.

You will place your rodent in its transport cage while waiting for everything to dry, after rinsing thoroughly. Then, you will put the whole thing back in place, remembering to put in a new litter, which must be partially changed every 2 days.

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