Foods that are dangerous for rabbits

Your rabbit should avoid swallowing many foods. These can be dangerous to your health, even completely toxic. They can thus be both at the same time and sometimes lead your rabbit to death. We suggest you find a list of prohibited foods for your rabbit.

A bit of bread or cookies? It can’t hurt your rabbit. On the contrary, these are foods to avoid from the very strict diet that your rabbit must follow. This will have the effect, in the best of cases, of slightly damaging its intestinal flora. In the worst, he could die.

  • Many human foods are not good for your rabbit. You will have to forget about any sweets like candies or even cakes of any kind. He should never swallow chocolate , which would destroy his intestinal flora, just like pastries. Sugar , coffee and tea are not good for him. The same applies to milk as well as drinks other than fruit juice (100%).
  • Potatoes should be avoided in your rabbit ‘s diet. The alkaloid it contains (solanine) is toxic because it is rich in starch. In fact, your rabbit could have severe digestive problems. Sweet potato is also to be avoided.
  • Garlic and onion are not edible for your rabbit. The latter participates in the destruction of your rabbit’s red blood cells. In fact, he may suffer from anemia which could end up causing him to die.
  • Turnip greens should not be confused with turnip. Only the bulb of the latter is indigestible. On the other hand, the leaves are very good for transit.
  • The effects of leek are similar to those of onion. It must therefore be forgotten from his diet, just like mushrooms .
  • The kidneys can suffer from the high sugar content of rhubarb , peas and beans .

If many fruits can be given to the rabbit, some are also to be forgotten because of their contributions or toxicity.

  • The banana which, even if it gives vitamin B1, has too high a sugar content. It is difficult for rabbits to digest.
  • Annona is not recommended because it is too greasy. It may occasionally be given in very small amounts.
  • The seed contained in the kernels of fruits, also called almond; it is found in apricot, loquat, plum and peach. It should not be given under any circumstances, because it contains cyanide, which is highly toxic.
  • Avocado contains a toxin, persin, which is harmful to many animals including your rabbit.

Poisonous plants too

Many plants are toxic to your rabbit and can lead to death. This is the case with plants such as oleander , fern , belladonna , ivy , lily , laurel, daffodils , poppy , burdock and even iris , tulip, milkweed , and the lupine. We can include horehound , boxwood , hyacinth , lily of the valley, not forgetting poplar in this list.philodendron , primrose , fir , elderberry , cape gooseberry , holly and rhododendron.

Herbs are generally good for your rabbit. You will still have to make sure that they have not been processed before.

The ornamental plants that you can have in a house are mostly toxic for your rabbit. They must be placed out of reach of your rabbit who could chew them unintentionally.

Symptoms of food poisoning

If your rabbit has inadvertently swallowed a plant mentioned above or an undesirable food, it will inevitably show symptoms which will have to be quickly taken care of to treat them as best as possible.

In the event that you catch your pet feeding on an junk food, don’t waste time contacting your veterinarian .

Your rabbit may thus develop liver failure. Food poisoning can cause lung, heart and nervous disorders. Irremediable sequelae can lead to euthanasia if they are not taken in time.

Your rabbit may therefore suffer from diarrhea , muscle contractions , convulsions , loss of balance or even be lethargic, unable to move . He can also salivate . All these signals should alert you to take him to the nearest veterinarian. This is a life- threatening emergency .


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