How to handle and stroke a rabbit?

The rabbit is undoubtedly a great little companion. Observing this adorable ball of fur, you may be dying to cuddle it. However, the rabbit can be fearful, and refuse human contact. What are the right gestures to touch him and take him in his arms in the best conditions? We tell you everything in this article.

Do not approach suddenly

Although it is sociable, the rabbit is also a real coward . He jumps easily, and fears brutality. If you want to tame your rabbit, it will absolutely be necessary to be gentle and calm.

To pet a rabbit, never rush towards it. The animal, terrified, would flee immediately, or could even be aggressive . On the contrary, you will have to approach very slowly , while speaking to him in a reassuring voice .

Also choose a serene place , where there is not too much noise. The rabbit rarely appreciates the excess of stimulation. He needs to evolve in a soothing place to take his marks, and finally feel safe.

Repeat the experiment several times

It is normal for the rabbit not to be approached the first time. He needs time to get used to you. In order to allow him to gain confidence, it is necessary to get to know him gradually. The ideal is to create rituals . For example, by approaching your rabbit every day, at the same time, and in the same place. This will allow him to take his marks more easily.

Don’t despair if your rabbit doesn’t let himself be petted right away. Only patience will allow you to cuddle your little animal one day!

Also, know that the younger an animal is handled, the easier it will be to adapt to human contact .

Properly pet your rabbit

Once your little companion is more confident, you will take real pleasure in petting him . Be careful though, you should not caress a rabbit anyhow. There are a few points to know… Indeed, the rabbit generally does not appreciate being touched under the chin, under the belly, or at the level of the legs. It is therefore better to avoid these parts of the body .

On the other hand, he will certainly love that you scratch his back, the base of his ears, as well as his cheeks. A word of advice: always stroke your rabbit in the direction of the hair .

Anyway, the best way to know if your rabbit likes your petting is his behavior! If the rabbit consistently walks away, or shows signs of aggression, something is bothering him . However, if he stays still, looks serene, and emits a kind of slight gnashing of teeth , it’s probably that he’s enjoying this moment of tenderness by your side.

Carry the rabbit in good conditions

Taking a bunny in your arms is always nice. But here again, it will be necessary to adopt good practices. First of all, be aware that the rabbit is an animal that does not always appreciate being carried. He is particularly afraid of heights . When he is lifted too quickly, he sometimes feels like he is being captured by a predator. Imagine the anguish that this simple gesture can cause in him…

To avoid frightening your rabbit, it is best to always carry it as close to the ground as possible , without ever lifting it suddenly. You can also wear it sitting, for example on a sofa.

Note that the rabbit has a lot of strength in the hind legs. When he struggles, he can easily fall to the ground and injure himself . Falls in rabbits are even one of the primary causes of injuries, and sometimes even of death. To avoid this kind of accident, remember to always block his hind legs , so that he does not accidentally slip out of your hands. Of course, do not squeeze too hard either, at the risk of hurting him.

Several positions are possible to catch your rabbit . You can place the rabbit facing you . His belly is glued to your chest. Your hand is resting on the back of his neck. It is also possible to put your rabbit back to you, keeping one hand on his stomach. The important thing is to find the position that best suits your rabbit . Each rabbit is different, and does not necessarily appreciate the same gestures.

Be careful, you should never lift a rabbit by the ears or by the scruff of the neck. These parts of the body are very sensitive. These gestures can therefore be very painful for the animal.

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