Rabbit treats

Hay, grass, pellets and a few vegetables: this is your rabbit’s basic diet. However, even if it is an animal with a fragile stomach, it is possible to give it some additional foods that we will call “treats”. This food is appreciated by your protege, provided you give it sparingly.

Treats are synonymous with reward, tenderness, good deeds. Your rabbit deserves as much attention as a dog or a cat. He will therefore particularly appreciate the little sweets. But which ones to choose?

When to give him a treat?

The candy is the symbol of the reward. There is no point in giving it to him every day. This will no longer have any effect on your rabbit’s behavior. It should be occasional. She can enter the game after care during which your rabbit has been quite calm. It can make it easier to train your pet to cleanliness, or be provided in order to facilitate contact with your rabbit, if the latter remains fearful for too long.

The treat should in no way replace its daily food, which is based on hay, some pellets, herbs and vegetables. Attention ! Commercial treats sometimes turn out to be too greasy, too sweet , and are therefore not recommended for your pet’s digestive system .

Which sweets to choose?

A strict herbivore , treats should in no way correspond to a meat food. Thus, several other types of treats are possible.

·         dried plants

Medicinal plants have the advantage of never having been treated. Humans use it to make herbal teas in particular. Dried plants are excellent for your rabbit. You can find them everywhere, especially in eco-friendly stores. Thus, your rabbit will appreciate blackcurrant leaves or dandelions . You can also offer plantain , nettle , peppermint or marigold .

Your rabbit may also be tempted by dried flowers : marigold, chamomile, mallow, nasturtium, clover, blueberry, rose, thyme, marjoram or even oregano.

Fresh greens, such as clover leaves , are also appreciated.

·         Dehydrated vegetables and fruits

You might be tempted to offer fruit to your rabbit. And yet… They contain far too much sugar for your protege. The ideal, remains to give one or even 2 small pieces, once or twice a week maximum , provided that these fruits are dehydrated , untreated and seeded .

By carefully respecting these rules, you can bring him: cranberries, apples, pears or even red fruits (strawberries, cherries, raspberries, etc.).

Avoid raisins and other dried fruits .

These parameters are valid for the following vegetables , i.e. they should be offered sparingly and dehydrated : carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, celeriac, broccoli, peppers, spinach, asparagus or even cabbage.

Sweets to forget

It is not a question of giving chocolate , honey , meat , egg , cereals , bread , pastries , cakes , dairy products , mushrooms , sweets or even popcorn to your rabbit.

Industrial treats are also to be avoided, as they are often not supported by his digestive system . Indeed, they contain too much sugar, glucose. They can promote overweight , even obesity , and all the diseases that follow.

Also, avoid all candies with preservatives . They often hide poorly supported substances.

In summary

A treat should be given sparingly to your rabbit. It should never become a habit and should simply serve as a reward, at best a tenderness. Strict herbivore, prefer herbs and dried flowers or dehydrated vegetables.

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