Why is my rabbit banging in his cage?

“PAF! », « PAF! », « PAF! “. In the middle of the night, you hear a regular noise, which comes from your rabbit’s cage. Your pet has found no better occupation than tapping its paws. Just fun? Not really. This noise can hide several things, which must be understood to remedy this situation. We give you the reasons and the solutions to this major concern.

During your sleep, your protege continues to have awake phases. Because even if he tries his best to adapt to your biological rhythm, his own forces him to get up, eat, have fun. Sometimes, he happens to tap his paws (in the middle of the night or in broad daylight). Of course, you wake up…

What reaction to adopt?

It’s never pleasant to be woken up suddenly in the middle of a dream. Especially when you haven’t asked for anything, and you don’t understand your rabbit’s reaction.

At first, it is important not to scold or shout at your companion. He wouldn’t know why you grabbed him. Either way, it won’t stop. Do not oppose a firm “No”. Ditto, he wouldn’t see the meaning.

Don’t give in to the frustration of not sleeping when you see your rabbit stop on its own and go back to bed as if nothing had happened. You must analyze the situation and understand the origin of this uproar.

The reasons

To express himself, your rabbit uses his own body language. It is a unique means of communication intended for its owner, so that the latter understands it. Stamping paws means in particular that your rabbit is angry, that he is expressing his frustration at a situation he does not understand. In this case, the tapping of the paws does not last only the night. It is also the day. He blames you for something.

What ? It can be a move, the loss of one’s bearings. He can react in this way to a simple fly placed in front of him. He also expresses his anger at having a fellow man by his side. In the latter case, it is advisable to separate the 2 rabbits, because it could end badly.

Most often, however, this paw slap expresses annoyance, worry, and fear. Your rabbit may see an unusual shadow in the middle of the night. A simple vibration can startle him. His stress is increasing and he needs to type to relax. If your rabbit is not alone in its cage (presence of a congener), it will not be the only one to type in case of fear or anxiety-provoking situation. This noise will become common.

On the other hand, when your protege is annoyed, then he will hit the ground on his own. This noise will often be accompanied by a small growl.

In any case, do not hesitate to get up, to observe the environment of your rabbit. Stand at his height, observe what he can see from his cage. Maybe there is something unusual in his field of vision. Does a smell bother him?

A word of advice: your rabbit likes to be noticed if he sees guests at your house that he does not know. If they spend the night, your rabbit will rarely hesitate to be heard. Provide earplugs. No, your animal does not necessarily amuse the gallery. He will be stressed to know that strangers are at his home.

Also, your rabbit wants you to come to him, he knows that’s the only way for you to pay him special attention. Thus, day or night, it can signal to you the lack of water, or the desire for a treat. In this case, it is a behavioral problem that should be addressed, perhaps with the help of a behavioral veterinarian.

Last possible meaning: your rabbit does not leave its cage enough. He needs to stretch his legs, to roam freely (under your watchful eye, of course). It is not made to remain constantly enclosed between 4 walls.

No problem ?

Perhaps no real problem, as mentioned above, is to be highlighted.

Your rabbit is a wild animal to begin with. Tapping his paws is not disturbing for him. It is for you. You should therefore not garland your animal only, because it translates its feelings by this means. In nature, no one comes to bother him for that. You have to adapt. Perhaps by moving his cage away from your bedroom at night.

In summary

Your rabbit taps its paws and this annoys you, especially at night. That is. However, this is a classic behavior in your rabbit. It can express his anger, translate his anxiety, be synonymous with fear or even be the meaning of his annoyance. You must try to identify the cause to resolve this unfortunate consequence for you, but also for your rabbit.

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